Apparently some shenanigans happened with swipes on campus, swipes weren't counted or some shit, and the folks upstairs gave y'all estimates and a big-ass chart that didn't match the numbers shown here.

What the fuck is that all about?

As displayed in the chart from UCLA, housing gives pre-fucking-miere plan holders an amount of swipes that's a bit more complicated than just 19 (or 14) times a number of weeks. There's holidays and shit. Right now, doesn't deduct holidays. Because sometimes you wanna fucking eat on holidays even it's just fucking Club BCaf or whatever random dining hall is open on holidays.

So instead of thinking about holidays or when meal plans officially start, just counts backward from dinner on Friday of finals week. That's why we're off by a few swipes.

Maybe that sucks. It's supposed to be super simple so we don't have to worry about what the admin consider a holiday and you geniuses can figure out the holiday adjustments yourself if you want to. But maybe that's shitty. Is it shitty? Is this whole thing shitty? Do you want a mobile app?


Party on fuckers and thanks for letting us know about the new swipe counts.